What is Socialist Realism?

Socialist Realism Art

Socialist Realism is a style of realistic art that glorified every day Russian life, it was a means to enforce positive only images of the ruling party and to present an idealistic view of the ordinary worker and everyday life in the USSR. Imposed in the Soviet Union by Joseph Stalin after his rise to … Read more

Natalia Goncharova Biography

Natalia Goncharova Biography

Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova was a prominent Russian painter and designer in the early 20th century. Her work influenced the avant-garde movement in Russia and contributed to Russian futurism, primitivism, and Rayonism. Goncharova was born on June 3, 1881, in Nagaevo. Her parents, both highly educated, gave Goncharova and her brother a thorough education. She graduated … Read more

10 Most Famous Russian Artists

Famous Russian Artists

For the average art lover many on this list of famous Russian artists would not exactly be household names yet there are some giants of the art world. While France and Italy dominate such movement as the Renaissance and Impressionism, Russia will be mostly remembered for producing the founder of abstract art Wassily Kandinsky. To … Read more

10 Most Famous Russian Paintings

Russian culture has been one that is as rich as any in the world when it comes to various forms of artwork, especially painting. Many Russian painters are quite well known to other cultures and have been famous for centuries. One of the most prevalent forms of painting in Russian culture was Realism, which dominated … Read more